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My research interests are in the SystemsNetworking and Security areas -- especially the intersection between two or more of these areas.

To be more specific: Cyber-Physical Systems, Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Security, IoT, Software-Defined Networks, Cloud Computing and Operating Systems.

The SyNeRCyS Research group page has more details about each of the projects.

Current Research Projects [In Reverse Chronological Order]:
  1. Machine-Learning Based Communication and Anomaly Detection in Distributed Autonomous Systems
  2. Tools and Techniques for De-bloating Containers
  3. An exploration of Schedule-based Vulnerabilities in Real-Time Embedded Systems
  4. INGRESS: Advanced Cybersecurity Platform for Distributed Energy Resources
  5. Software-defined Networking in Smart Grid Networks
  6. Software-Defined Control for Smart Manufacturing Systems
  7. Integration of Security in Hard Real-Time Systems
  8. Behavior-based Intrusion Detection
Total Funding: $13.676 million [UIUC Share: $5.576 million]

Past projects:
  1. System integration for Complex Safety-Critical Systems [Virtual Integration]
  2. Plug and play Medical Devices
  3. Timing Analysis for Modern Multicore Processors
  4. Timing Analysis for Contemporary Processors
  5. Parametric Timing Analysis and Dynamic Voltage Scaling for Hard Real-Time Systems
  6. Timing Analysis for Sensor Network Nodes.
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