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My research interests are in the Systems and Networking areas. To be more specific: Cyber-Physical Systems, Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Security, Cloud ComputingSoftware-Defined Networks, Operating Systems.

Current Research Projects:
  1. Software-Defined Control for Smart Manufacturing Systems
  2. Integration of Security in Hard Real-Time Systems
  3. Behavior-based Intrusion Detection
  4. Software-defined Networking in Smart Grid Networks
Past projects:
  1. System integration for Complex Safety-Critical Systems [Virtual Integration]
  2. Plug and play Medical Devices
  3. Timing Analysis for Modern Multicore Processors
  4. Timing Analysis for Contemporary Processors
  5. Parametric Timing Analysis and Dynamic Voltage Scaling for Hard Real-Time Systems
  6. Timing Analysis for Sensor Network Nodes.
Background | Real-Time Systems
Real-time schedulability analysis for any hard real-time system requires the WCET to be known beforehand and safely bounded. This is so that the feasibility of scheduling a task set can be determined given a scheduling policy.

Various approaches to determine the WCET of tasks exist, such as :
  • experimental methods, which are considered unsafe or constrained to probabilistic analysis.
  • Static analysis methods to derive safe WCET estimates.
Static methods model hardware components, e.g., the processor pipeline, caches, etc. They model the flow of code through various hardware components and use inter-procedural program representation and longest control-flow paths to obtain an upper bound on the number of cycles for any execution.
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